Advances in the field of periodontics have led to the development of materials and techniques to regenerate bone and tissue lost from disease. These procedures require an experienced surgeon and good oral hygiene by the patient. It can only be used in certain types of defects, and your periodontist will discuss with you if regeneration may be achievable.



The figure above shows a simple diagram of guided bone and tissue regeneration. In A, a bone defect is present. In B, materials such as bone graft and growth factors are placed in the defect. C – A membrane is used to cover the defect to prevent gum tissue from growing in, allowing slower-growing tissues like bone to mature in the space. D – With good oral hygiene and post-operative care, a blood clot forms and your body starts to regrow the lost tissue. E – After 3-6 months, new tissue and bone is formed and the defect is repaired.