In your upper jaw, the premolar and molar teeth are often in proximity to your sinus cavity, which is an air-filled space that helps to clean out mucous and filter the air you breath. After teeth are extracted, the sinus floor may be close to the crest of bone. Since an implant cannot be placed into this empty sinus cavity, augmentation is needed to add bone to the sinus floor and allow for proper implant placement. The sinus procedure is very predictable when performed by an experience surgeon, and success rates for sinus-grafted implants are similar to normal implants. Healing takes between 6-9 months to allow the grafted bone to become dense and mature like your native bone.


After tooth was extracted, the sinus floor was very close to the crest of bone, leaving no room for the implant.



After sinus augmentation and healing for 6 months, the grafted bone was mature and enough volume for an implant



Implant Placed in Ideal Location