In certain cases of deep pockets, usually 6mm and greater, your periodontist may recommend surgery to correct the pockets. Deep pockets are more difficult to clean and home and by the hygienist. Bone defects may be preventing adequate maintenance allowing the disease to progress. The goal of the procedure is to reshape the bone and lower the pocket to allow for a cleansable, maintainable environment to help the gums return to a healthy state.



The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, and you may request sedation for the procedure. It will last about an hour per quadrant, and you will be asked to return for 1 week and 3 week follow up visits. A 3 months, you will receive a maintenance cleaning, and assess your hygiene. At 6 months your periodontist will again assess your hygiene and healing, and re-measure the pockets. A successful treatment will return the pockets to healthy, normal depth, and allow for easier home care. Afterward, you will be recommended a maintenance program to prevent the disease from recurring.